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Honda Electromagnet Charging Systems

One of the most common problems with bikes I see is charging system failure. There are some simple steps you can take to spare yourself this far to common problem. Here are some ways you can extend the life of your charging system.

1- Do not jump your bike from a car or other high amp charging system. Even a battery in a un-started car can damage the charging system in your bike. The charging system in a typical bike is only around 12-18 amps. Cars have a much higher amperage charging system that can burn up various parts of your charging system and other delicate electronics.

2- Do not let your battery go dry. Under certain conditions this can happen. It can damage your battery or even your charging system if left dry for long. Always use distilled water in your battery for refilling. Tap water can damage the plates in your battery.

3- Always replace all corroded battery cables and wires. Also a melted fuse box can cause a charging problem. Even if it still allows electricity through it, replace it.

4- Install case guards on your bike to keep from damaging the stator assembly. Most older and some newer bikes have the stators mounted on the end of the crank under a motor cover. Most of these covers are only 1/8" in thickness and made from aluminum. This make them susceptible to getting smashed or bent. A bent cover may not allow the stator to function properly. Case guards are much less expensive than your stator assembly.

5- Only install the battery your bike calls for. Your charging system works best with the correct battery.

These are just a few tips on extending the life of your charging system and battery. Any ideas from other riders are welcome. Please e-mail any questions or comments.
                                         Rob Eberle

Coming Soon Bike Specific Tests!!

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