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If you are looking for carb kits for any of the following models,

CB400A '78

CB400T '78-'81

CM400A '80-'81

CM400C '81

CM400E '80-'81

CM400T '79-'81

CB450SC '82-'85

You will not find carb kits listed here OR elsewhere. However, we can supply some kits that will do the job. If you look at the pictures of the following models, you will see they have most all the important parts needed to rebuild the carbs on you 400-450 '78-'85 motorcycle. 

CX500 '78-'79 
CB650 '81-'82 Picture>>>>>
CB750 '79 Picture>>>>>>>>
CB750 '80-'82 Picture>>>>>
CB900 '80-'82 Picture>>>>>

All of these kits use the same air screw, bowl gasket, and jet styles as in the 400-450 models. You just want to verify the float needle type and the air screw. '78-'79 model bikes tend to use a different float needle than '80-up . It is a pretty easy to see difference if you look and there are ONLY the 2 different types of float needles and 2 different air screws. Also the air screws do not have the aluminum ear on the outside to keep you from turning the screw like factory does. It instead has a simple screw head that allows total adjustment. The main, primary, secondary and /or pilot jets will most likely NOT be the correct size. This is not such a big deal when you consider these parts are usually easy to clean and re-use. The fact that the rest of the parts will definitely add up to more than the 21.95 you spend on the kits each makes it a great deal.  Please use this tool to get the correct kits. DO NOT e-mail to ask which you should use. We would have to see your carb to determine this. So we have shown here what we have , so you must take the next step of looking at your parts to determine the kit you need to order. 

Also you will find separate parts available on our misc carb parts page like air cut-off valves, accelerator pump kits, and float needles. 

Hope this helps all of our 400-45- '78-'85 owners to get the carb parts they have needed!


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