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General Accessories


SCORPIO Alarm Systems

SR-i900 RFID Series

SR-i800S RFID Series

Two way FM transceiver-controlled motorcycle alarm.  OEM style plug-in security system.
From 329.95 From 149.95
Both kits will work on any bike, but also have optional plug kits that allow for direct plug in on most late model bikes. This is the state-of-the-art in motorcycle alarm systems. Don't let someone take your pride-and joy. Protect it with a Scorpio alarm today! Click one of the two links above to get more info about one of the two Scorpio alarms we supply. Special order part adds 3-5 extra business days to shipping time.



GSXR Replacement Shifter

New replacement shifter for the Suzuki models listed. Made to better specs than factory and comes as shown.
GSXR600 '92-'00
RF600 '94-'96
SV650 '99-'03
GSXR750 '88-'99
TL1000 All '97-'02
GSXR1100 '88-'99
GSF1200 Bandit '97-'03



ECHO Brand (Quick Release Buckle) For Helmet chin straps
Exceeds Safety Standards

in both DOT 218 and Z90.1 1992*

*Same testing requirements as Snell

*Fits all helmets

*Installs in seconds

*Stronger than D rings





Helmet Camera and Digital Recording System


New 3GP Technology
High Performance Color DSP System
Improved Video Color and Detail
Longer Battery Life and More Memory

Complete Helmet Camera and Digital Recording System
· Record your Ride – Video & Audio!
· Listen to Music – Built-In MP3 Player

Weatherproof Bullet-Style Camera
· Universal Helmet/Bike Mount Included
· Rugged Aluminum Housing
· Weatherproof Connector

Digital Recorder/Playback Unit with Color Display
· Records Video and Audio from Camera and Microphone
· Saves Videos in 3GP File Format
· Record Resolution of 320x240 at 30 frames per second
· 1GB Internal Memory (approx. 2 Hours of Video)
· Accepts up to a 4GB SD Card (approx. 6 to 8 Hours of Video)
· 2.5 Inch Color LCD Screen for On-The-Go Playback
· Built-In MP3 Player - Helmet Speakers Included!
· USB Computer Connection - Cable Included!
· RCA Plug TV Connection - Cable Included!
· All Cables and Accessories Included in Convenient Carrying Case

DSR-100-3G camera / digital recorder kit



Magic LED Tail Light

Cool red LED Tail Light bulb. Flashes in a circle when on and strobes from center ring to outer ring when brake light is applied. Very bright. Fits almost any motorcycle tail light socket.

 Sold also as a normal tail light bulb with LED that works the same as stock without flashing. 

18.95 >>>>

Regular Non-Flashing LED

14.95 >>>>




This is a MUST HAVE for any motorcycle owner. This is a handy item that will trigger a green light to change as if you were in a car. Ever been stuck at a turn light that will not go green? Well. that will not happen with this item attached. Very small item you attach to the underside of your motorcycle. Standard size is for most older and larger motorcycles. Large size for sport bikes, smaller bikes, and dual purpose. Also can be used for bicycles. 

Standard 15.95 >>>

Large 24.95 >>>



Rainbow Strobe

Works in all H4 Halogen headlights. Made of stainless steel and glass for durability. Makes your headlight have a rainbow effect. VERY COOL. Unlike regular rainbow bulbs, this does not have to ever be replaced. Mounts in minutes with NO ALTERATIONS.




Toe Guard

Cool neoprene rubber cover for the shifter. Protects your shoe from scuffs and marks. Velcro's on for easy installation and makes for more comfortable shifts. Fits most standard shifters on most bikes. 



Canyon Dancer


This is the best device there is for attaching tie-downs to any bike. It wraps around the grips and leaves loops that allow you to safely attach tie downs away from the paint job, fairing, and gas tank. The tighter you make the straps the tighter it cinches in a ingenious crossover. A absolute must for sport bike hauling. Works on any bike. Made of 5500lb tensile Nylon webbing. Very easy to use. Comes in all black.




Nelson Rigg Deluxe

All Season

Bike Covers

  • Made from a water resistant lighter weight UV-treated "Tri-Max®" polyester
  • Ventilation system minimizes condensation build-up and allows constant air circulation
  • Snug elastic bottom with one-inch grommets at center and front wheel
  • Soft windshield liner helps protect against scratching and hazing
  • Packed into its own attractive matching carry all
  • Silver heat Resistant lower panels
  • 2 year "No Hassle" warranty
  • Colors Navy/ Silver (902), Burgundy/Silver (903), and Black / Silver (904)
  • Sizes to fit every model M / L / XL / XXL
SIZE MC902 Nav/Silv MC903 Burg/Silv MC904 Blk/Silv
Medium  For Smaller Bikes 450cc and smaller
Large For Standard bikes 500cc-750cc
X-Large for Standard and Crusier 600cc -1100cc
XX-Large for bigger 800cc and up Cruiser and Touring



Available for 7 inch and 5 3/4 inch headlights


5 3/4 inch Model


7 inch Model




Chrome Cable Cover

Chrome plastic cable cover appr 60 inches long and available  3/16 and 5/16 inch diameter


Chrome 3/16


 Chrome 5/16

6.95     Red       3/16

6.95     Green    3/16


Valve Stem Caps

Decorator valve stem caps are sold separately.

diceca~1.gif (10859 bytes) Dice



2.99 a pair

8ball.gif (9420 bytes) Eight Ball


1.50 Each


License Plate Frame Stuff

Chrome License Plate Frame



Bullets.jpg (11209 bytes) Rocket Bullet1.JPG (2494 bytes)Skull Bullet.JPG (5648 bytes)Bullets

Chrome Bullet  

1.00 each

Gold Bullet  

1.50 each

Rocket Bullet  

1.95 each

Skull Bullet

1.95 each


Universal Hi-Way Pegs

gold insert pegs.JPG (9053 bytes) O-ring pegs.JPG (4601 bytes)

Come ready to mount on 1 inch or 1 1/4 inch crash bars. Also can be mounted by removing horseshoe Mount and simply bolting on to applications. The most popular accessory pegs available!

Honda Gold Insert

Name on Peg:


23.95 a pair

Kawasaki Gold Insert
Suzuki Gold Insert
Yamaha Gold Insert
Goldwing Gold Insert
O-Ring Round Style


34.95 a pair


Clutch Or Brake Cable Adjuster

Cable Adjuster brass.JPG (5191 bytes)Brass


Cable Adjusters.JPG (5497 bytes) Anodized Aluminum




Cargo Net

6 coated hooks with strong elastic cord. Available in Black, Red, Blue, Bright Green, Purple.   15 inch x 15 inch





Chrome Replacement Reservoir Caps For Honda's

'81-'87 Honda's with 2-bolt cover.

Will fit almost any Honda that came with a rectangular 2 bolt cap. 



Kaw guage cups.JPG (7445 bytes)

Replacement Gauge Cups for Kawasaki


Fits KZ650 '77-'80

KZ750 Twin '76-'80

KZ900 '73-'76

KZ1000 '77-'80


24.95 a pair


Chrome Short Shocks

Clevis Type

Eye to eye Type

All chrome 11" short shocks. Come with eye to eye (pictured) or clevis bottom mount (Honda's and some Suzuki's). Works on mid size and smaller bikes 850cc and smaller. Not recommended for Touring or heavy bikes, like 900cc and larger . They will work on KZ900/1000 too with single rider.
Eye to eye

99.95 pair

Eye to Clevis

99.95 pair



Chrome Horn.JPG (8194 bytes)

Slightly different grill pattern then shown. Smooth in center too.

Chrome Horn

Chrome 12V horn works with most bikes. Two spade connector hook-up. Appr 4 inch Diameter



 Standard Black Horn

Black 12V horn works with most bikes. Two spade connector hook-up. Appr 3 inch Diameter



Universal Bar Ends

Cap off those open handlebar ends in STYLE!! Available in 3 anodized colors. Rubber sleeve expands to grab inside of handlebar when Allen bolt on the end is tightened.
Silver >>>>>


10.95 a Pair

Blue >>>>>>

10.95 a Pair

Red >>>>>>>

10.95 a Pair



Cruise control hon-kaw.JPG (14590 bytes)

Cruise control hon-kaw pop.JPG (26517 bytes)

For Honda and Kawasaki applications with TWO cable throttles. Will only work on bikes with 7/8" bars (not one inch applications)

Also a Yamaha version that works on most early Yamaha's and up to the '90's that have a cable that mounts with a single screw to the control unit. That's nearly all XS models, XJ models, and Most XV models.




Cruise Control For 1 INCH handlebars
Universal cruise control for bikes with 1 inch handlebars. New cruiser bikes and nearly ALL Harleys have 1 inch diameter bars that are usually hard to find a cruise control that fits. WELL...Here it is. Finally! A cruise control for the cruisers!



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