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Sport Bike Basic Accessories




Helmet Camera and Digital Recording System


New 3GP Technology
High Performance Color DSP System
Improved Video Color and Detail
Longer Battery Life and More Memory

Complete Helmet Camera and Digital Recording System
Record your Ride Video & Audio!
Listen to Music Built-In MP3 Player

Weatherproof Bullet-Style Camera
Universal Helmet/Bike Mount Included
Rugged Aluminum Housing
Weatherproof Connector

Digital Recorder/Playback Unit with Color Display
Records Video and Audio from Camera and Microphone
Saves Videos in 3GP File Format
Record Resolution of 320x240 at 30 frames per second
1GB Internal Memory (approx. 2 Hours of Video)
Accepts up to a 4GB SD Card (approx. 6 to 8 Hours of Video)
2.5 Inch Color LCD Screen for On-The-Go Playback
Built-In MP3 Player - Helmet Speakers Included!
USB Computer Connection - Cable Included!
RCA Plug TV Connection - Cable Included!
All Cables and Accessories Included in Convenient Carrying Case

DSR-100-3G camera / digital recorder kit





Canyon Dancer


This is the best device there is for attaching tie-downs to any bike. It wraps around the grips and leaves loops that allow you to safely attach tie downs away from the paint job, fairing, and gas tank. The tighter you make the straps the tighter it cinches in a ingenious crossover. A absolute must for sport bike hauling. Works on any bike. Made of 5500lb tensile Nylon webbing. Very easy to use. Comes in all black.




Toe Guard

Cool neoprene rubber cover for the shifter. Protects your shoe from scuffs and marks. Velcro's on for easy installation and makes for more comfortable shifts. Fits most standard shifters on most bikes. 






This is a MUST HAVE for any motorcycle owner. This is a handy item that will trigger a green light to change as if you were in a car. Ever been stuck at a turn light that will not go green? Well. that will not happen with this item attached. Very small item you attach to the underside of your motorcycle. Standard size is for most older and larger motorcycles. Large size for sport bikes, smaller bikes, and dual purpose. Also can be used for bicycles. 

Standard 15.95 >>>

Large 24.95 >>>


Sport Bike Reservoir Kits
Brake Reservoir Kit

Made for GSXR's, YZF's and, ZX models. Can be made to work on most sport bikes using a remote type reservoir.


Clutch Reservoir Kit

Made for GSXR's, YZF's and, ZX models. Can be made to work on most sport bikes using a remote type reservoir.








Clutch Master Cylinder

Pushrod, Bushing, and Seal  Kit

This is a great kit for replacing that damaged bushing on your clutch master cylinder. When the bushing gets egg shaped it effects how far the lever moves the master cylinder piston and causes the clutch to drag. Kit includes the new brass bushing, the steel push rod, and the dust seal.

Part fits all Honda, Kawasaki, and Suzuki models equipped with hydraulic clutch



Master Cylinder Reservoir

Connector Kit

Replaces the connector tube that mounts to the brake master on many sport bikes that use remote reservoirs.  These are commonly broken in accidents and this kit has all the parts needed to replace a broken one. 
Honda Applications
CBR600RR '07-'10
VFR750R '90  Front Brake
RVF750R '94 Front Brake
CBR900RR '93-'99  Front Brake
CBR929RR '00-'01 Front Brake
CBR954RR '02- Front Brake
VTR1000F '98-'04 Front Brake
RVT1000R '00 Front Brake
CBR1000RR '04-'10
GL1500C Valkyre '97 Rear Brake
VTX1800 '02-'08 Rear Brake
Kawasaki Applications
ZX7 '89-'03 Front Brake and Clutch
ZX9 '98-'03 Front Brake
ZX6R '98-'02 Front Brake
ZX6RR '03-'06 Front Brake
ZX636 '02-'11 Front Brake
ZX10R '01-'11 Front Brake
ZX14 '06-'11 Front Brake
Suzuki Applications
GSXR600 '92-'09 Front Brake
SV650 '99-'08 Front Brake
GSXR750 '88-'08 Front Brake
GSXR1000 '01-'09 Front Brake
SV1000 '03-'07 Front Brake
TL1000R/S '97-'03 Front Brake
Yamaha Applications
YZF600R '96-'04 Front Brake
YZF600 R6 '99-'09 Front Brake
YZF750 R7 '99 Front Brake
YZF750 '94-'98 Front Brake and Clutch
FZR1000 '91-'95 Front Brake and Clutch
YZF1000 R1 '98-'03 Front Brake
YZF1000 R1 '09-'11 Front Brake



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